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Печально известный Рой Кон, ментор Дональда Трампа, был лично ответствен за то, чтобы в 1953 г. отправить Этель Розенберг на электрический стул вслед за своим мужем за передачу ядерных секретов СССР. Обвинения против Этель были сфальсифицированы.

В пьесе Angels in America умирающего от СПИДа Роя Кона посещает призрак Этель Розенберг. В телевизионном фильме их играют Ал Пачино и Мерил Стрип.

Двадцать лет спустя молодой Дональд Трамп познакомился с Коном в Нью-Йорке в поиске защиты от иска министерство юстиции (Justice Department) за расовую дискриминацию.

They came together by chance one night at Le Club, a hangout for Manhattan’s rich and famous. Trump introduced himself to Cohn, who was sitting at a nearby table, and sought advice: How should he and his father respond to Justice Department allegations that their company had systematically discriminated against black people seeking housing? “My view is tell them to go to hell,” Cohn said, “and fight the thing in court.” It was October 1973 and the start of one of the most influential relationships of Trump’s career. Cohn soon represented Trump in legal battles, counseled him about his marriage and introduced Trump to New York power brokers, money men and socialites.

Через Кона Трамп позже познакомился с политтехнологами Полом Манафортом и Роджером Стоуном, которые впоследствии сыграли ключевую роль в его избирательной кампании 2016. Поводом для знакомства стала избирательная кампания Рональда Рейгана.

It started in 1979, when Stone was a twenty-six-year-old aide in Ronald Reagan’s Presidential campaign. Michael Deaver, a more senior campaign official, instructed Stone to start fund-raising in New York. “Mike gave me a recipe box full of index cards, supposedly Reagan’s contacts in New York,” Stone said. “Half the people on the cards were dead. A lot of the others were show-business people, but there was one name I recognized—Roy Cohn.” So Stone presented himself at the brownstone office of Cohn, the notorious lawyer and fixer.

“I go into Roy’s office,” Stone continued, “and he’s sitting there in his silk bathrobe, and he’s finishing up a meeting with Fat Tony Salerno,” the boss of the Genovese crime family. Stone went on, “So Tony says, ‘Roy here says we’re going with Ree-gun this time.’ That’s how he said it—‘Ree-gun.’ Roy told him yes, we’re with Reagan. Then I said to Roy that we needed to put together a finance committee, and Roy said, ‘You need Donald and Fred Trump.’ He said Fred, Donald’s father, had been big for Goldwater in ’64. I went to see Donald, and he helped to get us office space for the Reagan campaign, and that’s when we became friends.”


Также благодаря Кону Трамп заинтересовался в 1984 вопросами ядерного оружия и переговоров с СССР.

[Trump] would know what to ask the Russians for, he says. But he would rather not tip his hand publicly. "In the event anything happens with respect to me, I wouldn't want to make my opinions public," he says. "I'd rather keep those thoughts to myself or save them for whoever else is chosen . . .

"It's something that somebody should do that knows how to negotiate and not the kind of representatives that I have seen in the past."

He could learn about missiles, quickly, he says.

"It would take an hour-and-a-half to learn everything there is to learn about missiles . . . I think I know most of it anyway. You're talking about just getting updated on a situation . . . You know who really wants me to do this? Roy . . . I'd do it in a second."


Как адвокат, Рой Кон умел обходить не только легальные препоны, но и законы адвокатской этики и часто мошеничал, надувая своих собственных клиентов.

Cohn's most despicable crime as a lawyer, the professional crime for which there is no forgiveness, was defrauding his clients. He did it in myriad ways. [...] Sometimes he would take a client's money and give no representation at all, none: pure swindle.

В отношении Трампа он, однако, не давал повода усомниться в своей лояльности.

“If I summed it up in one word,” Mr. Trump told the hearing panel, “I think the primary word I’d use is his loyalty.”

Трамп отплатил своему ментору и человеку, которому он больше других (за исключением своего отца) был обязан своим успехом, как и положено верному ученику. Жулик обжулил жулика, подарив тому фальшивые запонки.

After one Cohn coup, Mr. Trump rewarded him with a pair of diamond-encrusted cuff links and buttons in a Bulgari box. [...] Years later, Mr. Fraser had them appraised; they were knockoffs, he said.

Напоминает случай, рассказaнный актером Чарли Шином.

Рой Кон умер 30 лет назад, но дело его живет. Одним из странных пристрастий Кона был образ лягушки.

His life was spent in a cocoon of filth and disrepair. "The expression used to describe Roy's abodes time and time again was 'shit house,' " writes von Hoffman. His bedroom was decorated with frogs: frog drawings, frog paintings, frog decals, frog patterns on sheets, on nightshirts, on wallpaper, froggies everywhere; it was a room "bulging with stuffed animals, in this enormous turn-of-the-century townhouse, the plaster cracking, the paint all but gone from the walls, leaks squirting, and drafts finding their way through the ill-attended cracks."

Ныне это образ возражден в качестве символа трампизма - Pepe the Frog. Рой Кон продолжает улыбаться в аду.
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